About Me

Tara Zermeno

Mortgage Loan Officer




About Me

As market conditions change, including interest rates, the need for caring loan officers is becoming more evident in helping consumers identify and assess the best financial products available. Ecommerce and other technologies have been creating a paradigm shift within the mortgage industry that has added to the confusion and stress of many consumers. 

It is my objective to find right mortgage product for my customers that not only is affordable but also makes home buying experience easy and convenient.

I began as a sales representative several years ago and got my license 2017 so I could best represent the consumer.

A beloved mentor had taught me that communication is the cornerstone to building trusting relationships. Every day, there are new opportunities to embrace unique situations with the intention of doing what is right for the consumer while building long-lasting business relationships. 

In our culturally diverse society, there is still no place like home and everyone should have that safe place and sanctuary to share with their loved ones. This is what drives my passion and that is why I want be part of your home buying process.